Date & Time

07 March 2024 | 3.00 PM - 5.00 PM


Node 1, 79 Science Park Drive, Cintech IV, Singapore 118264

About This Event

In an open exchange with innovators across our ecosystem, two leading biotech investors, Amy Schulman, Managing Partner, Polaris Partners and Luc Dochez, Managing Partner, Droia Ventures shared insights from their experiences #venturebuilding across various market conditions over the years.

One key takeaway was the importance of early engagement with investors. As Amy emphasized, “Just talk to us about your science. You don’t need a fully baked business plan.” Foster open dialogue and leverage investors’ experience to refine scientific innovations into viable ventures.

Another was the invaluable role of clinicians in successful venture building. “Clinicians bring an intimate understanding of patients’ needs and experiences,” said Luc. Incorporating clinicians’ perspectives into the development and commercialization of biotech solutions ensures they address real world medical challenges effectively.

Amy Schulman
is a Managing Partner at Polaris Partners and co-founder of the Polaris Innovation Fund. She serves as Chair of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and ByHeart, and on the Boards of ClavystBio, Mount Sinai Hospital and Caltech among others. Before Polaris, Amy held various roles at Pfizer including President of Consumer Healthcare and General Counsel.

Luc Dochez
is a Managing Partner at Droia Ventures. He serves as Chair of Montis Biosciences, VICO Therapeutics and on the Boards of Vaderis and Volastra among others. Before Droia, Luc was an executive in several biotechs including Tusk Therapeutics where he was CEO till its acquisition by Roche.